Lower Merion’s Premier Landscaping & Lawn Service Company

A beautiful lawn will do wonders for your Lower Merion home’s value and curb appeal. If you’re looking to take your lawn to the next level, you can’t go wrong by calling the area’s experience landscaping company, Raymond Landscaping. Thanks to our landscape design and mulching services, we can make your Lower Merion lawn look its absolute best.


Do you have some concept of the perfect lawn for your Lower Merion home or business but have no earthly idea how to bring that concept to fruition? If so, don’t worry about it any longer. Instead, call Raymond Landscaping today, and with our landscape design service, we’ll help you find the exact perfect landscape design for your home — and then make that design a reality, of course!


Open soil has a tendency to get muddy and will allow water to pool. It can be messy and can ruin your flower beds. Luckily, mulch is a great way to both maintain the integrity of your Lower Merion flower beds and decrease the growth of weeds. Raymond Landscaping has years of experience spreading mulch and would love to help you solve your soil problem today.

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