Montgomery and Bucks County Building Services

The installation of your landscape is critical to the appearance and long-term success of your vision. As a full-service installation provider, we ensure each element is properly constructed and placed. Our installation team works closely with your designer to help bring blueprints and designs to life. We have certified irrigation installation specialists, stone masons, horticulturalists and a range of specialists to realize your vision – whatever it is.

The Design-Build approach to landscape architecture starts with a partnership between the client and the landscape team. The landscape architect or designer is a member of the same team that is going to construct the design itself.

Design-Build is an approach to designing and building outdoor living environments in which all participants work together for a unified purpose under a shared set of standards from day one until project completion. High-level communication and quality control are built-in. This is a significant benefit to the client—and there are many more benefits to consider.

Our building work includes a range of hardscaping, stonework, patios, ponds, outdoor kitchens, arbors & pergolas, gazebos, outdoor lighting, irrigation & drainage systems and, of course, landscaping layouts. If you can imagine it, Raymond will do everything we can to build it.

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