Firewood, Mulch and Soil Delivery Services

At Raymond Landscaping and Supply, we offer the highest grade firewood, mulch and soil in the state. And we do it for a reasonable price. Working with these products everyday, we know exactly what's best for your needs - whether it's landscape design, maintenance, composting or fertilizing. We'll help guide you so that you make a smart purchase that doesn't overshoot or underserve your needs. We also make the entire process as simple as possible for you: You can send an online order to us directly below. We'll send you back a price quote and answer any questions you might have. Our delivery is prompt and professional.

And if you prefer to do business over the phone or at the office, just give us a call and set up a time. We'd love to speak with you directly. Our phone number is 267-385-5634.


We deliver firewood that's split and seasoned perfectly. We do everything by hand so we ensure that only quality firewood makes it into our cords. Our wood is sourced from hickory, cherry and mixed hardwood and comes to you at approximately a 16" standard cut. Purchases come by the cord.


We offer high quality organic mulch products for your next landscaping project. Our mulch will insulate the soil helping to provide a buffer from the heat and colder temperatures. It also retains water helping to keep the roots moist and keeps weeds from preventing soil compaction.


Whether you're grading for a lawn installation or creating a new flower bed, Raymond has the high quality soil to get the job done. Our particular topsoil is a reliable, general purpose soil used for promoting stronger, healthier plants and maintaining landscape integrity.

Mushroom Soil

Mushroom soil is typically used as a natural fertilizer that replenishes all the nutrients that grass and plants need to grow. It also makes an excellent top dressing for lawns, providing slow-release nutrients from the top down. Lastly, our mushroom soil is often used as mulch. 

Send Us Your Order

Let us know what you need below and we'll get a quote right back to you. Please note minimum delivery for mulch and soil is 3 cubic yards.

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